January 14 – Brazilian Explorative Music Showcase in NYC

MOZIK will participate on this great event that promotes some of the very best true creative forces in the new and modern Brazilian Music scene. Don’t miss it!!!

At: Le Poisson Rouge NYC
January 14th at 10pm
With: MOZIK, Gabriel Santiago, Pedro Moraes, Sergio Krakowski, Ivo Senra trio, Elissa Cassini
More info and tickets- click here.

Enthused with the drive to share with the world some of the most experimental, out of the beaten path, contemporary Brazilian artists, the Brazilian Explorative Music showcase gears up for its second edition, and brings to the underground Greenwich Village stage of the Le Poisson Rouge a lineup covering an even wider ground of fusion and vibrating investigation.

The Explorative concept, as put forth by curator and songwriter Pedro Moraes, draws from a centennial tradition of musical innovators, who have, both individually and as members of movements such as Choro, Bossa Nova, Tropicalia and Clube da Esquina, catalyzed innovation from canon, universal from indigenous, timeless from vanguardist. Although enjoying less publicity over the last couple of decades than other musical scenes bearing more radio-friendly beats and sociologically seductive leads, aesthetically explorative music in Brazil is thriving — and during this evening, from brazilian jazz to other forms of instrumental music, from modern songwriting to contemporary electro-acoustic music, some of this universe will reveal itself.

In between sets, music videos of other artists of this generation will be played, so that a wider variety within this scene can be experienced.

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